Father’s Day


Yeah. This day is Father’s Day. I don’t think it would be happy.

I have a little conversation with my father a while ago. And I hate it. He was giving me a warning about dates. Like dont think about dates now, study, study, and study is the only thing I’ll do now. Naahh. Why is he like that? Because I told him that I went to park yesterday not just to jog but to meet a guy named Clark. Clark is my new friend. Well, he was my friend before but it was unique. He was my past lover. And my family knows that. Oh no scratch that! They only know that Clark wants to court me.

We have a meeting on park about our plans. On how we will share the love of God to his friends. Actually, he took a mission on Quezon that’s why he has a burden to share the gospel here in our place. And he really want my help.

After that, I jogged then we eat some foods in street. His treat.

I told everything on my parents and he just warned me. I cried. Well, I’m pissed off. They think that me and Clark are dating. And I hate that! They must know that Clark is not my type! Really not my type! And I hate seeing people around me thinking the same thing too! I didn’t like to joke me about thata dude! I’m a short tempered girl.

And now, I think I hate my father accusing me that kind of thing. Dont expect me to greet him Happy Father’s Day cause I wont do that. Psh.

But you know what? I missed the days that we always spent together. I mean, me and my father. You know, he was a great man, a great father. He knows what’s best for me. He’s proud but most of the times, I can’t feel that he is proud of me. Nowadays.

I miss the days that we always play. Boxing, or whatever. Missing the days he tries to braid my hair. Date with me and treat some pizzas. Joking me. Well, I miss being a child. I wish I could be a child forever. No problems. Everything is happy and feel contented in everything I have.


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